Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Schedule of Games

This Fright Night offers LARP, semi-LARP and tabletop offerings set everywhere from the right here and now through to the old west, historic Otago gold fields, distant planets and beyond.

Fright Night consists of two, 3 hour rounds of roleplaying, with a short refreshment break between rounds.

Below is a list of the games on offer. Each game has been scored from 1-5 by the facilitator in the horror categories of Suspense, Strange, Scare and Splatter and also been assigned a film classification so you have an idea what you're in for.

Follow the links to each of the game pages below to read more about the games on offer.


Splinter of Corruption
Where is Commissar Nihilius? What happened to his command? What lurks below?

Did you hear the one..?
Explore the terrifying secrets of the old house on the hill.

The Cold Shore
Do you have what it takes to survive the night?

Finding Ghosts
Instant fame or instant terror? Either way it’s all on film.


Rivers of Gold
Be careful what you dig up.

All Saints' Eve
Delve into the intrigue and mystery of Westernbridge at the town’s famous Halloween party.

The Eye's Have It...
Take the hard decisions to save London’s fragile peace.

The Hand That Feeds
Strap on a six-shooter and unleash the beast.