Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fright Night Archives - Fright Night 3

Fright Night 3 rounds out the Wellington Convention scene, marking Halloween. It's a convention where we aim to raise the bar on Horror Gaming in Wellington, and present a whole evening of tingled spines and unsettling feelings. It's a small convention, with limited entries, and players who are hungry for the dark world of Vampires, Zombies, Serial Killers and things that can't be described in written words: they are unnameable.

When Saturday, October 31, 16:30 - 23:55
Where Turnbull House, opposite the Beehive
What Two sessions of horror gaming


Title: Communing In Darkness
GM: Donna Giltrap
Round: 1
Players: 7

Time was that everybody who was anybody went to seances. Time was that there was a living to made out of being a medium. Some of them were fakes, sure - But some of them were for real, and could put you in touch with the dead. For many rich people, mediums were a necessity. Who else would provide a link with family long gone? In the occult-obsessed 1920s it hit fever pitch, and both the good and the bad mediums thrived in an atmosphere of appreciation.

Seven people gather around a table. They join hands. The call goes out "Is there anybody there?" Tonight, someone is definitely there. And they want to talk.


Title: Whose Woods These Are
GM: Ivan Towlson
Round: 1
Players: 4

Life used to be so delightful in the Jumbley Wood. The squirrels chattered, the badgers pontificated and the big friendly trees made up stories about princesses while in their nice warm roots the happy talking animals drifted off to sleep. Even the occasional bit of trouble was soon resolved with a stern talking-to. Then came the Tyrant. He vowed to slaughter the talking animals and cut down the big friendly trees; and if anyone went and gave him a stern talking-to, he didn’t come up with easily foiled death traps, he just had them killed, and strung the body up on barbed wire as a warning to others. Now there are only a few of the talking animals left, hiding in the silent, wintry remnants of the wood, pallid, weak and starving, fearful of the carrion crows above, and of their own friends betraying them to save their own fur.

M Traditional

Title: Cicada
GM: Dan Steadman
Round: 1
Players: 4
Super Heroic Survival Horror

You have lived in Totton all your life, it is a small town beside England's New Forest that has now sprung back since the tragedy of '75. Until today your greatest concerns in life were coping with the dual demands of keeping your social life together whilst preparing for your A levels.

Today seems different however, for some reason your sense of unease has been rising in urgency. As if....

M Traditional

Title: Altered States
GM: Michael Foster
Round: 1
Players: 4

Miracle Recovery Confounds Doctors

Doctors at St. Bartholomew's Hospital have admitted to being completely baffled
by the remarkable recovery of seven year old Eve Jackson from a virulent form of
bone cancer. Only days ago her family were preparing for the end. which they had
been told was inevitable, given the rate at which the cancer was progressing
through her body.

"We took Eve home so she could be with us at the end as a proper family," said Shelley, Eve's mother. "Last night she couldn't even move or talk, but this morning we woke up to find her playing out in the yard with Scruffles (the family dog) just like she used to."

Tests carried out at the hospital indicate that not only has the cancer completely vanished, but her body appears to have fully recovered, including gaining back more than 10kg in weight seemingly overnight.

The grisly murder of "Miracle Child" Eve Jackson, three months after her recovery from cancer, appears to be a hopeless case for the police team assigned to investigate. No DNA evidence has been left behind and there is no obvious motive. Under intense media pressure to get a result the team also have their own problems to deal with, personally and professionally.

R Systemless


Title: Bad Moon Rising
GM: Mike Sands
Round: 2
Players: 4

A group of hunters are on the trail of a vampire they have each faced before. Pride, honour and revenge demand satisfaction - but he's had a few weeks to build up his power in this town.

And he beat you last time.

Any Indie

Title: The Truth Inside
GM: Steve Hickey
Round: 2
Players: 2
'Silent Hill', as co-directed by David Cronenberg and David Lynch

It's been days since you last slept. Days. And there's a reason for that, a reason that maybe you can't admit to yourself.

You've been awake so long that you're starting to see things out of the corner of your eyes. You've been awake so long that now those things can see you too.

2 players. 1 Nightmare. 'The Truth Inside' will be driven by the real-life problems and issues of both players; you must be willing to disclose the truth about yourself if you want to play.

M Traditional+

Title: The Widow's Ball
GM: Marcus Bone
Round: 2
Players: 4

It is December 1883, and the Greenwich Village Widow's Ball is about to commence once again. As some of the town's most eligible bachelors you, of course, have a standing invite - even if spending the night with a horde of over dressed, oddly smelling, elderly ladies isn't really your thing.

But rumours abound that everything is not right at Montgomery Hall; that some of the staff have gone missing, or might have even turned up dead. Yet that can't stop Mrs Margaret Windthorpling and her Greenwich Village Women's Society Ball... nothing ever does...

M Indie

Title: Still To Come
GM: Sophie Melchor
Round: 2
Players: 4
Sci fi survival horror

PrisonCorp 13-316-66. A prison planet home to the sector's toughest, meanest and cruelest. Recently the lights went out. Can you survive to find out why?

R18 Traditional

Title: Ten Thousand Sorrows And One
GM: James Plunket
Round: 2
Players: 5
Horror-flavoured epic exotic fantasy.

Five Masks, chosen by the Master to watch over the Place of Ten Thousand Sorrows - the shadow of an ancient tragedy that sits at the heart of the Land of the Dead like a depthless void.

But the master has vanished, and those shades who seek to usurp his primacy have unleashed a horror they cannot comprehend. Oblivion pours forth from the void, and you are all that stands in its way.

R18 Traditional

Title: Disco Inferno
GM: Grant Robinson
Round: 2
Players: 5

Construction Site Log, Yesterday:
The old asylum is looking a lot more like a nightclub than it did a month ago,
we have finished the structure and are working on the furnishings and Utilities.
Good chance of finishing before deadlinenext month. It's going to look good and
creepy, I hope the club-goers appreciate all this work.

Gerry in the basement is apparently having problems with the gas main, Alex still hasn't confirmed that the movers have cleared out the junk in the attic, he's probably on a long lunch.

Gus and the painters are up the fifth floor, will start on the sixth tomorrow.

Giant novelty pitchforks have still not arrived. Unreliable suppliers could still kill my early completion bonus.

The owner is apparently bringing his niece tomorrow for a site visit.

Construction Site Log, Today:
No-one has seen Alex, I swear I'll stop his wages if he's not back for this

Barry has broken his arm, third injury this week. The ambulance has a reserved spot out front.

Painters seem to have missed some rooms on the fourth floor.

Remember to gas-axe open the records vault unless Mr Santiago has a spare key with him.

Sent back 200 cans of fluorescent paint, obviously the supplier thinks I can't tell the difference between glow in the dark red and glow in the dark orange. I'm getting too old for this crap, I'm glad I'm retiring after this project.

M Traditional