Sunday, May 2, 2010

What is Fright Night?

Welcome to Fright Night, a one-night horror roleplaying convention in Wellington, New Zealand.

As the chill of winter finally loosened its grasp, they shambled from the gloom. Summoned by a faint but irresistible call that had interrupted their long slumber. One by one they came; sightless, disheveled and grasping for the bright life that they dimly remembered. Slack jaws worked until finally they spoke their dark desire with one terrible voice "Gaaaames.."

When - Saturday, October 16, 16:30 - 23:55
Where - Turnbull House, opposite the Beehive
What - Two sessions of horror gaming
Cost - $15 players, $10 GMs

A Few Notes:

  • Games will start on time, players are expected to be punctual.

  • Light refreshments will be served during intermission.

  • Turnbull House is located on Bowen Street (right opposite the Beehive and just a short walk from the lambton Quay shops).

  • The venue is to be vacated by11:45pm on Saturday Night

  • Fright Night is a non-smoking event